Thursday, October 4, 2007

Phony Soldiers And A Real Chicken Hawk

What a great month it's been for saber rattling and scapegoating! We now have further uncontestable evidence that we live under a right wing authoritarian government. We don't even need one-party rule by the Republicans anymore. There are plenty of Democrats who are all too willing to goose step behind the belligerent and militaristic party of neo-cons and war profiteers.

The passage of the provocative Kyle-Lieberman Amendment is solid proof that this government is openly taunting Iran into a confrontation.

How accommodating for the Senate to give the "War President" a whole new batch of designated enemies. All they had to do was declare a branch of the Iranian military a terrorist organization. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

It's just like 2002 all over again for the Cheney/Bush Administration. Once again, many Democrats are being the "Good Germans" for the Republican Reich.

This piece of war hysteria was based on the simple unverified allegations of Bush's propagandist in uniform, General Pertraeus. Or was it General Betray Us? Oops, did I touch a nerve?

According to the president and the puppets on Capitol Hill I am now guilty of “an attack not only on General Petraeus, but on the U.S. military." Oh, well. I'm sure I will already have a reservation waiting for me when they build Camp Cheney.

In contrast, isn't this a great country, where you can accuse everyone in the military who disagrees with the administration's war policy of being "phony soldiers"? Thank God and George Bush we have the right of free speech that allows Rush Limbaugh to spout his fascist propaganda. It's quite alright to slander soldiers with politically incorrect opinions.

There will be no presidential or senate condemnation of his words, only a dribble of impotent sputtering from a Democrat or two.

Nor will there be any official condemnation of what Mr. Limbaugh went on to say.

"I stand up for the troops. The Democrat Party has been trying to demoralize them. The Democrat Party has been trying to lose the Iraq war, the war on terror. They own defeat. They are invested in it. They have failed to hang defeat around the neck of this president and the presidency they have been trying to destroy."

To his listeners of simple intellect this sounds like Rush is telling them Democrats are traitors. Accusing political opponents, or any others who dissent, as defeatists has its roots in Nazi Germany and other dictatorial states.

No, we will not be hearing any outrage over this kind of talk from those who wield the power in Washington.

The icing on the totalitarian layer cake has to be the new revelation in today's New York Times of the Gonzales Justice Department's secret approval of torture. I mean "interrogation techniques." If these methods are not torture, why not have Rush and Al "Fredo" Gonzales and Old Rummy be used as demonstration models? They could count that as their service to their Decider's "Ideological Struggle of the Century."

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