Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dictator Dick

The rewards are beyond imagination for our would-be dictator Dick Cheney. The American people have become so ignorant, apathetic, ill-informed or simply numbed to such an extent he can brazenly declare himself above the law and beyond Constitutional checks and balances. Again.

The Constitution empowers the Vice President with NOTHING, other than assuming the Presidency when required, and voting to break a tie in the Senate. Period.

His Excellency the Dark Lord has excluded himself from an executive order signed by his own alleged boss. Bush directed that all of the executive branch report classified information and documents to an office of the National Archives, the Information Security Oversight Office. Turns out, Dick's legal pit bull David Addington or some other brown-shirt operative has announced the Office of the Vice-President is not really part of the executive branch and thus not bound by the directive.

If this is really true, how then, can Cheney get away with shielding his dirty secrets and skullduggery behind "executive privilege"? Why do we accept this contradictory absurdity? I guess it's just because he says so. Just like it's ok for him to disclose the covert identity of the wife of the man who proclaimed Cheney's war-mongering was built on lies. Yup, he's the guy to trust with national secrets, all right.

One would suppose that this arrogance would be extreme, even for him. Not for this guy. He is so vile he takes it a step further. He has the audacity to propose abolishing the Information Security Oversight Office! And why not? He has almost succeeded in abolishing the Constitution.

Everything the man does is a violation against the decency this country once had. He has become a rogue tyrannical power onto himself. His treachery has become our national shame.

This is especially true when we see little or no principles or courage in the opposition party, and no sense of conscience or respect for the law in the ruling party.

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